Atmospheric Pressure Sensor for Barometer

Standard atmospheric pressure is defined as the average air pressure at sea level of about 1013.25Pa. The higher the air pressure, the better the weather. The lower the air pressure, the more cloudy and rainy the weather will be, resulting in bad or severe weather. The air pressure is higher in winter and lower in summer. The air pressure will be lower when there is a strong typhoon. However, the air pressure decreases with height. The atmospheric pressure at 3000 meters is only about 700hPa (about 7/10 of the atmospheric pressure on the ground). The barometer can be applied in weather forecast and is mainly made based on the principle that high air pressure represents good weather and low air pressure represents bad weather.

Atmospheric pressure sensors can also be used in air quality monitors, smart street lights, smart common poles, 5G smart poles, environmental detection, security surveillance cameras and other fields. They can be used as a barometer to measure air pressure. For example, air pressure has a great impact on aquaculture.

CurieJet P760 Sensor is the world’s smallest particle, VOC and barometer sensor. It can be applied in air quality monitor & air purifier, wearable air quality monitor, etc.The atmospheric pressure sensor can support barometer functions.