Piezo-electric Air Pressure Pump & Micro Blower
- World’s Smallest Silent Slim Air Pump & Micro Blower

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CurieJet® Piezo-electric Micropump is a kind of miniature Diaphragm/Membrane Gas Pump developed by MicroJet Technology. By leveraging the advantage of our Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics Technology, CurieJet® offers air pressure pumps and micro blowers. Its striking characteristic is the competitive flow/pressure performance under its small dimensions, silence and long life. Microblower supplies higher flow rate & less pressure than air pressure pump. Both Air Pump and Blower are so small and can even be integrated into Smart Watch or Mobile Phone. Some applications such as gas sensing or air cooling, developers can even adopt only "core module" of the air pump for ultra tiny air chamber concern.

GS8ST or GS8SW with small and slim size is a unique air pump for wearable silent blood pressure monitor smart watch. We also supply wearable silent blood pressure monitor module for this application. CurieJet® blood pressure monitor modules also support unique patent to enhance the signal strength (PSNR& PI values) when in operation with PPG. It helps PPG module to fix tight to the skin. https://www.curiejet.com/en/product/blood-pressure-monitoring/wearable-silent-blood-pressure-monitor-module

GS8SW air pumps are small and slim size and are ideal for wrist silent blood pressure monitor application.

GS8D air pumps are small and slim size and are ideal for upper arm silent blood pressure monitor application.

The 8SVI/8SVC positive & negative air pumps are for Respiratory Aids device, quietest breast pump,vacuum massage,Cupping Therapy Pump,and other silent motor applications. The 8SVIB/8SVCB is the world first pump with locking capability for both positive and negative pressure as power off. The leaking rate is pretty low comparing with the check valve.The feature of tiny and slim size makes it highly suitable for portable and wearable application, and medical field such as NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

We also adopted above or custom-designed air pump to supply air pump related modules. For different applications, we develop pump driving circuits based on appropriate MCU, integrate deflation valve and even pressure sensors, etc. For examples, we have developed B01AV Wearable Silent Blood Pressure Monitor Module, CurieJet® blood pressure monitor modules also support unique patent to enhance the signal strength (PSNR& PI values) when in operation with PPG. It helps PPG module to fix tight to the skin. Air pump related modules even may apply for air bag massage pump, wearable silent breast pump and other applications.

MicroJet Technology has designed the world’s smallest & quietest micropump modules for ultra-silent air pump & wearable breast pump applications. With our unique world-leading patented technology, people can benefit from the features of ultra-silence, smaller size and lighter weight.

  • Small and Thin size
  • Light weight
  • Silent
  • Long life
  • Low-power Consumption
  • Instant start and stop,Quick Response
  • Flexible flow/pressure control

Health care & Medical

  • Silent Slim Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Check the video
  • Blood Pressure monitoring on SmartWatch, Smart Bracelet, WristBand & WatchBelt
  • Smart Mask, Smart Clothing, Smart Textile
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Breathing Machine, Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) device, Respiratory Aids, Anti-Snoring device
  • Respiratory Air Compressor Nebulizer Pump, Sprayer Pressure Air Pump
  • Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygenator, Aspirator Suction Machine, Nasal aspirator pump
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), Wound Extration Pump, Vacuum-assisted closure(VAC)
  • Syringe Infusion Pump, Bio-sensor Gas Pump
  • Cupping Therapy Pump, Beauty Care Silent Massage Pump, Inverted Nipple Corrector
  • Silent Vacuum Breast Pump, Vacuum Pump for Breast enhancement machine

Electronic Devices

  • PM2.5/IAQ/TVOC/VOCs Air Monitor, Gas Sensor Sampling
  • Electronic Nose, e-Nose, Oder Meter, Breathalyzer, Breath Alcohol Tester
  • Aroma Diffuser, Aromatic Scent Machine, Aerosol Dispenser Silent Pump
  • Air Bubble Generator, Oxygen Aerator, Wine Aerator, Atmospheric Water Generator, Air to Water Dispenser
  • Air-Over-Water Hydro Pneumatic Pump, Ultra Compact Air Siphon Pump
  • Air Purge Pump for Coffee Machine, Inkjet Printer Ink Pump
  • Negative Air Pressure Vacuum Pump, Micro Diaphragm Pump, Silent Purge Pump
  • Super Quiet Aquarium High Pressure/Flow Fish Tank Air Pump
  • Air Bladder Column Bag Inflation Pump, Artificial Muscle Soft Robot Pneumatic Pump
  • Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor)
  • CurieJet is the Quiestest Air Pump that can improve the Noisy Fan Wind Feedback in Immersive Virtual Reality experience

Cooling Systems

  • Mighty Small Chip Cooling Blower, Heat Dissipation Miniature Pump
  • Micro Blower Cooler Fan Sink, Active Mini Air Cooling Pump
  • AR/VR/Head Mounted Display / Smart Glasses / Smart Helmet Cooling & Inflation Pump

Pump Guarantee Policy And Disclaimer

Pump Guarantee Policy And Disclaimer

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CurieJet® is the marketing brand of Microjet Technology’s Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics products. We have applied for more than 1,600 patents worldwide on micropumps & related products. Most are invention patents.

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