Smart Air Quality Monitoring for Active Lifestyles

- Introducing CurieJet® P750 - Elevating Safety for Cyclists and Riders

Background Explanation:

During physical activity, the human body's respiratory volume significantly increases, especially during intense outdoor exercises such as cycling or riding motorcycles. This volume can jump from the usual daily 10,000 liters to 10 to 20 times more. This means that athletes exposed to high concentrations of PM2.5 pollution under these conditions will suffer health effects far beyond the ordinary, especially in cold temperatures where fine particles can penetrate deeper into the lungs. Over time, this not only causes serious damage to the respiratory system but could even be life-threatening.

The Necessity of the Solution:

Against this backdrop, the introduction of CurieJet® P750 becomes particularly crucial. Its micro design is not only suitable for outdoor exercise equipment like electric bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles but can also be easily integrated into smartwatches and other wearable devices. This design allows athletes to monitor the air quality around them in real-time, making adjustments such as changing their route, modifying the intensity of their workout, or choosing to exercise during times of better air quality, effectively reducing the potential threat of PM2.5 to their health.

Practical Application:

Besides being directly integrated into vehicles or wearable devices, CurieJet® P750 can also be mounted on handlebars using commercial brackets, providing real-time air pollution status through display screens or audible warnings on smartphones. Furthermore, this technology can be integrated into LED headlights, helmets, and dashcams, offering all-around protection for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


The launch of CurieJet® P750 Sensor provides outdoor athletes with an innovative and practical tool for real-time air quality monitoring. By monitoring PM2.5 in real-time, athletes can enjoy outdoor activities more safely and healthily, effectively avoiding the potential health risks posed by air pollution. This represents not only a technological advancement but also a significant contribution to the healthy lifestyle of modern individuals.