PM1 matters more than PM2.5

Particulate matters(PM) air pollution may be measured in PM2.5, PM10 and even PM1.0 level fine particulate matters and dust. The newly ISO 16890 Global Air Filtration Standard classifications are based on where particles are deposited in the human lung. PM1 are extremely fine particles and a major subset of PM2.5 that are likely to reach deeper into the body than PM2.5 making them even more harmful as they can reach other organs through the bloodstream.There are more evidences show that COVID-19 coronavirus also spreads through aerosols. PM1 also possible cause for poor visibility. Now, it becomes mandatory for air quality monitors and air purifiers adopt PM1 as measuring parameters, not only PM2.5 & PM10. Click Here

P710 Particle Sensor Module uses laser light with Mie scattering theory to measure PM2.5, PM10 and even PM1.0 particulate matter and dust in the air. It adopts our customized air pump, air chamber and MCU and is the world’s smallest optical laser PM 2.5 sensor with size only 29 x 29 x 7.2 mm. It is the smallest size in the world with only 1/4 volume of other optical laser PM2.5 sensors.