Piezo-electric Liquid Pump Filter

The pump performances will be diminishing if non-solvable particles or fibers get stuck around its check valve. Especially the suction capability may disappear and the function of the non-backward free flow will degenerate. A filter installed at the inlet tubing is necessary if the fluid for some field applications has the possibility to be contaminated with the particles or fibers.

Various types of mesh filters appropriate for micropump application are offered. The products in two port sizes with six mesh counts for each are shown in the table and figure. The effect of the mesh density on the pump performance is included for reference. Those are tested using our commercialized micropumps with 15cm inlet and outlet tubing.

MicroPump Particle Tolerance

MicroPump Model Type Particle Tolerance(um)
PS15I < 35
PS22L < 80
PS31U < 110

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