World-leading Ultra-Silent Piezo-electric Air Micropump Module
- Unique in ultra-silence, lighter weight and smaller volume

MicroJet Technology has designed the world’s smallest &ultra-silent micropump modules. With our unique world-leading patented technology, people can benefit from the features of ultra-silence, smaller size and lighter weight.

These micropump modules integrate our CurieJet® customized Piezoelectric Air Pump, Pump Driving Circuits, and Micro-controller. All models have extremely compact size.In addition, these modules have been adjusted to the most suitable flow rate and pressure, which reduces the process of trial and error and shortens the development time of software and hardware.

Easy to Design in

EE Interface Control
● Support Square Wave
● Support Digital Signal
 ( UART / I2C )

DataSheets: Download

F56/F57 Ultra-Silent Micropump Module

The F56/F57 is a high pressure and high flow pump module specially designed for ultra-silence application. It contains the firmware control and hardware drive circuits of the micro pump. The on/off time and related parameter settings of the micro pump can be controlled by interface signals.


Health care & Medical

  • Arm-type Blood Pressure monitor
  • Smart Mask, Smart Clothing, Smart Textile
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Breathing Machine, Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) device, Respiratory Aids, Anti-Snoring device
  • Respiratory Air Compressor Nebulizer Pump, Sprayer Pressure Air Pump
  • Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygenator, Aspirator Suction Machine, Nasal aspirator pump
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), Wound Extration Pump, Vacuum-assisted closure(VAC)
  • Syringe Infusion Pump, Bio-sensor Gas Pump

Electronic Devices

  • Air Bubble Generator, Oxygen Aerator, Wine Aerator, Atmospheric Water Generator, Air to Water Dispenser
  • Air-Over-Water Hydro Pneumatic Pump, Ultra Compact Air Siphon Pump
  • Air Purge Pump for Coffee Machine
  • Negative Air Pressure Vacuum Pump, Micro Diaphragm Pump, Silent Purge Pump
  • Air Bladder Column Bag Inflation Pump, Artificial Muscle Soft Robot Pneumatic Pump
  • Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor)
  • CurieJet is the Quiestest Air Pump that can improve the Noisy Fan Wind Feedback in Immersive Virtual Reality experience

Cooling Systems

  • Mighty Small Chip Cooling Blower, Heat Dissipation Miniature Pump
  • Micro Blower Cooler Fan Sink, Active Mini Air Cooling Pump
  • AR/VR/Head Mounted Display / Smart Glasses / Smart Helmet Cooling & Inflation Pump

About us

CurieJet® is the marketing brand of Microjet Technology’s Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics products. We have applied for more than 1,600 patents worldwide on micropumps & related products. Most are invention patents. Curiejet Website