Piezo-electric Micropump Module for Wearable Breast Pump
- Unique in ultra-silence, lighter weight and smaller volume
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Microjet designs and manufactures a micropump module for wearable breast pump which include the pump itself and related electronic circuits to let it easy to design in for your brand products. 

In addition, this module has been adjusted to the most suitable pressure for the breast pump, which reduces the process of trial and error and shortens the development time of software and hardware.

Our micropump module fits for most existing wearable breast pump with ultra-silence, smaller size and lighter weight.

Easy to Design in

EE Interface Control
● Support Square Wave
● Support Digital Signal
 ( UART / I2C )

Easy to upgrade & repair

Microjet’s micropump module, with size only 31.04 x 35.1 x 19.8mm,
is the world’s smallest module.
It’s easy to upgrade & repair.

Smaller Volume & Weight

●The volume is about 0.68 times of the traditional pump.
●The weight is about 0.5 times of traditional pump.

Thinner & Lighter

Makes your breast pump thinner and lighter.

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F55 Breast Pump Module

The F55 is a high pressure and high flow pump module specially designed for breast pumps. It contains the firmware control and hardware drive circuits of the micro pump. The on/off time and related parameter settings of the micro pump can be controlled by interface signals.

F55 Module Feature

1. Suitable for any wearable breast pump.
2. Easy to use and upgrade.
3. Easy to maintain.
4. The volume is 0.68 times that of general motors.
5. The weight is 0.5 times that of general motors.
6. The breast pump can be made lighter and thinner.

About us

CurieJet® is the marketing brand of Microjet Technology’s Piezoelectric Micro Fluidics products. We have applied for more than 1,600 patents worldwide on micropumps & related products. Most are invention patents. Curiejet Website