CurieJet®マイクロ空気ポンプ&ブロワーDM +データシートダウンロード(datasheets):

CurieJet®圧電マイクロポンプは、MicroJet Technologyによって開発された一種の小型ダイアフラム/膜空気ポンプです。CurieJet®は、当社の圧電マイクロフルイディクス技術を活用して、マイクロ空気ポンプとマイクロブロワーを提供しております。その顕著な特徴は、薄型、静音及び耐久性での競争力のある流れ/圧力性能です。マイクロブロワーはマイクロ空気ポンプより高い流量と少ない圧力を供給しております。マイクロ空気ポンプとマイクロブロワーはとても薄型なので、スマートウォッチや携帯電話に統合することさえ可能です。マイクロ空気ポンプとブロワーはどちらも非常に小型で、スマートウォッチや携帯電話にも統合できます。ガスセンシングや空冷などのいくつかの用途では、超小型エアチャンバに対してエアポンプの「コアモジュール」のみを採用することさえできます。


  • 小型及び薄型
  • 軽量
  • 静音
  • 耐久性
  • 低消費電力
  • インスタントスタートとストップ
  • 流量/圧力の調整をコントロールでき



  • 血圧計
  • ウェアラブルデバイス
  • 携帯デバイス
  • バイオセンサー
  • 呼吸器&医薬品供給ヌブライザー
  • バイオメディカルアナライザー


  • PM2.5 / IAQ / TVOC / VOCエアーモニター
  • ガスセンサー
  • 飲酒検知器
  • エアコラムバッグインフレーションポンプ
  • アロマシューター
  • 気泡発生器
  • マイクロ真空ポンプ
  • エアサイフォンポンプ
  • コーヒーマシンポンプ


  • チップ冷却
  • クーラーファン

    1996年に設立されたMicrojet Technology Co.、Ltd.は、台湾の大手MEMSマイクロフルイディクス技術の企業です。 当社は世界中で2,000以上の特許を申請しています。 主に発明特許です。 当社は世界で、CurieJet®圧電マイクロポンプ、サーマルバブルインクジェットヘッド、およびComeTrue®フルカラー/セラミック3Dプリンタの開発者&製造業者です。 当社はMicroPumpsに巨大な特許投資をしており、カスタムデザインに関する専門知識を提供することができます。 ( )

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    Derek Ho 何宜道


    Tel:+886-2-7715-8588 ext. 3510

    Pump Guarantee Policy And Disclaimer

    1. a. MicroJet Technology (“MicroJet”) offers 6 months guarantee (the “Guarantee”) to MicroJet’s customer (the “Customer”) for the defect (the “Defect”) of its pump product (the “Product”) from shipping date if all the following conditions are met:

      1-1. The Product is used under the following conditions :

      1-1-1. The Product is used for transporting pure water (for liquid pump) or clean air (for gas pump);

      1-1-2. The Product is used in the environment at room temperature, normal humidity and normal


      1-1-3. The Product is one of the pump models marked with “STD” (not including DCT or FT) on ;

      1-1-4. The Product is used for the fluid filtered under the tolerance level corresponding to each model as shown on ;

      1-2. The Product is sold directly by MicroJet to the Customer without resale of the Product through any third party;

      1-3. The Customer has carefully and thoroughly examined and tested the Product no later than 10 days after receiving the Product and completed the acceptance procedure, and the Customer has immediately given written notice to MicroJet for any Defect discovered; for defects not revealed upon the Customer’s foregoing examination but revealed later, written notice about such Defect has been delivered to MicroJet within 6 months after shipping date;

      1-4. The product has not been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, tampering, altering or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other causes, as determined by MicroJet in its sole and unfettered discretion.

      1-5. The product has not been damaged due to disasters or extreme conditions, whether natural or human, including but not limited to flood, fire, lightning strikes or abnormal power loading;

      1-6. The sticker labels on the Product and/or the serial numbers thereon have not been removed, altered or defaced; and

      1-7. The Defect is not regarding cosmetic damages and does not occur during shipment.

      b. If the Product does not meet the foregoing conditions but the Customer requires guarantee for such Product, agreement on the terms and conditions for such guarantee needs to be entered into between the Customer and MicroJet before the Customer can enjoy such guarantee. Without such agreement Microjet provides no guarantee for such Product.

    2. To the extent permitted under applicable laws, the Guarantee provided herein is exclusive and in lieu of all other express or implied warranties or guarantees including but not limited to the implied warrants of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except as provided herein, neither MicroJet nor any affiliates of MicroJet shall be liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage, including but not limited to direct, special, incidential or consequential damages (such as damages to any system or parts caused by the Product), resulting from the use or inabilitiy to use the Product, whether resulting from breach of guarantee, warranty or any other legal theory. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Guarantee provided herein covers only the Product itself excluding any situation caused by any parts or systems that may apply to or put together with the Product, including but not limited to suspense of use thereof, and MicroJet’s total liability for all claims under this Guarantee shall not exceed the price paid for the single item of the defected Product and shall be limited to rectification of the defects or delivery of new goods.
    3. This Guarantee Policy And Disclaimer is governed by and constructed under the laws of Republic of China, Taiwan and may be subject to change at MicroJet’s sole discretion at any time without prior notice.


      Derek Ho 何宜道


      Tel:+886-2-7715-8588 ext. 3510


      CurieJet®マイクロ空気ポンプ&ブロワーDM +データシートダウンロード